BONO MACS of Hawai'i is a Maui based Macadamia nut plantation that internationally markets its wholesale and retail products including Macadamia nuts, the MACBUSTER® Nutcracker (recognized as the best hand held Macadamia nutcracker) and other Macadamia nut and Hawaiian related products.

BONO MACS has been owned and operated by "Papa" Bono and his family for over 50 years,

... "SO ONO" ... So good to eat ... "SO ONO" ... So good to eat ...


Aloha from Maui!

MACADAMIA NUTS in the shell!  Any size package up to 70lbs! Gift boxes too! 

MACBUSTER® the ultimate Macadamia nut cracker,  best and easiest to use!  Special patented design by Papa Bono himself, recently featured in Sunset magazine!


New and in stock now!

Limited Edition Stainless Steel MACBUSTER®. The best and easiest to use Macadamia nut cracker made out of beautiful machined stainless steel.

New and in stock now!

Bonomacs Small Business Gift Pack! Includes the Limited Edition Stainless steel MACBUSTER nutcracker, 1lb of macadamia nuts, and a beautiful macadamia nut lei. Click here to order!



  MACADAMIA NUTS in the shell ... Save 40% and more over store bought Macadamias! Hand harvested, hand selected, sun roasted ripened nuts, just for you from our special spot in paradise.

Papa Bono's famous MACBUSTER® Nutcracker: Reviewed by Sunset Magazine and highly acclaimed by thousands of users worldwide.


  Papa Bono's MACADAMIA COOKBOOK: These never before published "tropic" and "exotic" recipes will tantalize your taste buds and be long remembered by your guests.
Macadamia Nut Oil
  Oils of Aloha Macadamia Nut Oil is a naturally light oil that imparts a delicious flavor to a wide variety of foods. Vegetables, seafoods and meats are equally enhanced. Baking, roasting and barbecuing brings out the nutty flavor of the oil. Excellent in salad dressings and sauces.
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BONO MACS of Hawai'i
P.O. Box 205 Kula, Maui, Hawai’I HI 96790-0205

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